Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I am enjoying right now!

A couple things I am enjoying right now very from food, cloths, handbags, perfume, makeup, and a few other things. I will post them up and briefly talk about some of them! 

My Juicy Couture perfume! The add for it is sooo pretty! I get so many complements about this when i wear it! It smells sooo good! Probably my most used perfume right now and I have a lot! ( gives me and idea for another blog!)

My Black Cherry candle! OHHH my! I burn this every night, It smells amazing. So fresh and literally you feel like you have black cherry's growing in your room. Amazing smell. I found my at Walmart for super cheap. :) 

Taylor Swift and Kings of Leon!!!! Currently they are both taking over my radio and itunes. They are both great music to relax to. 

My Chemical Romance new cd!!!! I cant wait till this is out. Me and my BESTIE have been in love with them since there first cd. SO thrilled. I have heard a little bit from the new cd and all I can say is AMAZING, just like I thought it would be. 
My Iphone 3gs I know everyone is in love with their Iphone 4 but I am just happy with mine. 

 My lace skirt that I got at target for 4 dollars! YES! I kid you not, they are having a sell at target and this was on the rack. I didn't buy it when it was normal price but when I saw this I totally picked this up. I wear it with brown tights and boots! 

  Pea coats!!! I am so thrilled that winter is coming up, I love pea coats. I have about 5 of them, but I am on the hunt for an adorable red one! 

Chilaquiles yummy, omg best breakfast ever invented its just corn tortilla's fried up with eggs and cheese. Some people add beans but in mine I just put eggs cheese and jalapanoe salsa! So yummy I just learned how to make this! 

Herbal Essences Long term relationship split end mender! It not only smells amazing it actually works, just put it on your ends after showering and style as usual in the first day I noticed a change in the texture of the split ends. Totally worth checking out! 

Marshall's!! I love shopping there recently it has amazing designer stuff for cheap! Handbags, cloths, shoes, you name it they have it! :) I found this adorable Phone cover that was originally 34.00 dollars but I got it at Marshall's for $5.00! Yup that's right! 
haha Well That's what I am currently into right now! 

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