Saturday, November 20, 2010


This last week has been crazy literally INSANE! I not only have so much to do between work and setting up stuff for when all 3 of my besties come and stay with me, but I also ended up in the hospital about a night ago. :( I'm better now but I have been suffering from sever stomach pains (why i haven't been blogging or anything) it was horrible and now I am on a verrrryyy strict diet in order to keep those pains away. It was so intense and had to get myself to the hospital at about 3 am. My mom was with me the whole way. <33 thank god for her she is literally my rock! :) sooo I'm back and beginning on my new healthy life. Me and my besties will be going to George Lopez tonight on Tuesday and we are all so excited to see each other! I miss all of them so very much and especially need them right now! :) Other then that not much has been going on lately just resting and eating right are my new hobbies OHH OH OH and reading cant forget about my first love. But now with this  long blog I thought I would leave you with another wish list item. :) 
I want a gold necklace of my name! :) I have wanted it for a while but have no clue where to find one! haha Any suggestions would be awesome!!! :) 

AHHH I FORGOT MY 100 THINGS... as I am typing this I noticed I forgot to do my 100 things. :( so I will either do 20 next Friday or post them on a different day! <333

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