Saturday, December 18, 2010

What I am loving!

Helloooo! I thought I would do a quick update about things I am loving right now! 
 Curling my hair and wearing a cute little hat! I have been doing it on allll my lazy hair days! :) so cute and especially with winter here keeps me a little warmer! 
 My Mac Pro Longwear! sooo amazing full coverage all day long. I don't have to touch up at all during the day, if going out I run a little powder over my face and I'm done! Totally convenient and super amazing! 
And then of course my mac Studio Fix. Amazing powdered coverage I put this on if I have some shine going on through the day and covers it up perfectly! Amazing duo to have in your make up kit for sure! :) 
 Also elf products are so amazing for an affordable price! Target carries a huge supply of elf products. Today I just picked up there 2 in 1 conditioning gloss. Amaziiiing I am wearing it in the picture above. Beautiful shine without the nasty sticking of most lip glosses. It also leaves my lips feeling very smooth and un chapped.(if that's a word) I also bought there blush and bronzer set for only $3 dollars. Its a beautiful blush and a light bronze! The colors together complement each other perfectly! Go get some! 
 I found this Argan oil at Sally's beauty supply's you can feel the difference in your hair after the first use of it. I usually run it through my wet hair after the shower concentrating on the roots and ends of my hair. Makes my hair super soft and tames the fly aways and dead ends it was only $7 dollars. AMAZIIIING stuff! Christmas is almost here!!! sooooo excited I get to have my best friend in town and my family here! :) another wish list item for you is.......
 Steve Madden oxford shoes! HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE!!! I would love to have them in every color! :) 

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today is the day I finally get to go to the doctor to figure out what is wrong with me. Soooo excited! NEVER thought I would say I was excited to go to the doctors but I am. SOOOOOOO I thought I would leave you with another one of my wish list items. :) 
Macbook pro!
 Now I already own a macbook but its getting up there in age and I would love a new one! :) but they are just so darn expensive but I do have a Gift Card to Apple sooooooo maybe. hahah 


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

20 things!!!

As I am sitting here watching vampire diaries (which I am in love with) I thought I should post up my 100 things that I have been slacking on! :) Soooooo here goes! 
facebook notifications
vampire diaries!
Christian Louboutin's
Netflix on my xbox!
My xbox 360
My subscription to Cosmo Magazine
Twilight Series
Forever 21 :)
H&M :):)
My live,love,laugh necklace
Best Movie EVER!!!!
sunflowers <3
Interior Design
You Tube tutorials
The love of my life <333
Christmas Time!!!!
concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you cant do.  (NEW YORK)
OH, Mr. Darcy!
 Well that raps it up for this 20 things. :) continuing to watch vampire diaries! goodniiiiiteeee! <3

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I feel so horrible for not blogging lately I almost feel like it has become a part of my day to day chore that I simply forget and feel bad for not doing. :( I have been dealing with so many issues right now that blogging has taken a back seat to my buys life. As everyone knows the holidays are coming up and by golly George I have been a busy bee. Work is INSANE and so is the personal life. :( but no fear because blogging for me is back no more skipping for weeks. I am still having health issues but that wont stop me! I need to do 3 weeks of my 100 things and let you guys still in on what I have bought recently!!! :) I will leave you with this awesome website that my best friend txt me tonight telling me I just "had to check this website out"!!!------>>> Check it out sooo funny I laughed myself silly! It always happens on my iPhone so I know exactly how it feels. I will also leave you with another item on my wish list!!! :)
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a vanity for my room. It would be an amazing place to do hair make up and just a cute corner to any room! I was looking through this amazing website ----->>> and i fell in love with a lot of there designs. :) ADORABLE STUFF!


-love the girl neglecting her blog! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Since tomorrow is probably going to be so busy with the family around and last minute trips to the one supermarket open I thought I would blog the day before and say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
And to jot down a couple reason I am thankful this year! :)



Saturday, November 20, 2010


This last week has been crazy literally INSANE! I not only have so much to do between work and setting up stuff for when all 3 of my besties come and stay with me, but I also ended up in the hospital about a night ago. :( I'm better now but I have been suffering from sever stomach pains (why i haven't been blogging or anything) it was horrible and now I am on a verrrryyy strict diet in order to keep those pains away. It was so intense and had to get myself to the hospital at about 3 am. My mom was with me the whole way. <33 thank god for her she is literally my rock! :) sooo I'm back and beginning on my new healthy life. Me and my besties will be going to George Lopez tonight on Tuesday and we are all so excited to see each other! I miss all of them so very much and especially need them right now! :) Other then that not much has been going on lately just resting and eating right are my new hobbies OHH OH OH and reading cant forget about my first love. But now with this  long blog I thought I would leave you with another wish list item. :) 
I want a gold necklace of my name! :) I have wanted it for a while but have no clue where to find one! haha Any suggestions would be awesome!!! :) 

AHHH I FORGOT MY 100 THINGS... as I am typing this I noticed I forgot to do my 100 things. :( so I will either do 20 next Friday or post them on a different day! <333

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wish List!

Hello! I thought I would do a quick update and say that I had an amazing time with my best friend!!! I cant wait till she comes back down for thanksgiving! :) so so so excited. yessssss. We shopped for make up together and she got some amazing stuff. Target is literally my favorite drugstore to shop at. 
On her last night here! ;(
Now on to my wish list, I was sorting threw alllll the stuff I want haha and came across this amazing brush set from sigma. I have great make up brushes already buttt a girl can never have to many brushes. :) so another thing going on my wish list is a sigma brush set! 
How amazing is this! 12 great brushes! I have heard a lot of reviews about sigma brushes and from what I hear and read there amazing! So let me know what you think! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

FAB friday!

Its Friday everyone and guess what that means, its time for my 100 things. So excited when the week comes to an end and I can think about the things I love the most! :) weee here goes! 

Disney Princesses

1950's fashion
my gaga beats
my urban outfitters moccasins
essie nail polish
my dog
The sims 3 :)
 Until next Friday I leave you these! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I thought I would post this and let you know I made it safely to visit my friend and bring her home! We are going make up shopping right now so I will for sure post the stuff I buy! :) HOPEFULLY EVERYONE'S WEEK WAS AMAZIIING! :) 
My new addiction! 
Curling my hair with my flat iron and taking bathroom pics! hahaha

Sunday, November 7, 2010


While I should be packing I came across the cutest pair of toms shoes and decided that they were so going on my wish list. I have a totally of 3 pairs of toms and I wear them so much that they are so worn out the colors I own already are red,green,and black! So I'm on the hunt for a new pair. Anddd these are adorable!!! 

I want them!!!!! :) haha so I will for sure be adding these bad boys to the list. 

A penny for your thought! : )

As I woke up this morning at 6:15am for a work meeting(god only knows why it was on sunday at the butt crack of dawn) i thought of my blog and how after only one day of not posting I missed it. So here I am. :) well a couple things I am so excited about is visiting my Bestie tomorrow I am driving the long 3.5 hour drive to see her! 
hahaha here we are on a random night :)
I can't wait to see her its been for to long! And the good news is she will be coming back with me on my way home. So I am extra thrilled about that! woot!!! Since the holidays are coming up and we all know that we have wish lists that are quite long(or maybe just mine is haha) I thought what a cool idea it would be to just share with anyone who crosses my blog  something that is on my wish list and maybe seeing it on mine will remind you to add it to yours! :) haha soo with that being said LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS HAVE ON YOUR WISH LIST!!! Even if your just passing through let me know, I love reading peoples post about things there interested in. <333 So everyone enjoy there sunday and start wishing! : ) 

hehe one thing on my wish list is for sure a gift card to Sephora preferably with more then 25 but ill take what i can get! haha 

Friday, November 5, 2010


Okay I was surfing threw a couple blogs (seems like lately that's all I do haha). I found that a couple of blogs are putting up a project called "One Hundred Things". You post 10 things for 10 weeks (equals 100) things that make you happy! How cool is that, a couple of blogs just post pictures and some just write about the ten things sooo here is my week one! So excited :) Join in on the fun and let me know what makes you happy! 

Week one! 
100 things...

                          My family <3
                                                               My car/baby

                                                       Eating hot cheetos!

                                                     Shopping at Target

                                                              My Raybans
                                                                 Toms Shoes
                                ONE FOR ONE
                                                           Polaroid pictures.