Tuesday, December 7, 2010

20 things!!!

As I am sitting here watching vampire diaries (which I am in love with) I thought I should post up my 100 things that I have been slacking on! :) Soooooo here goes! 
facebook notifications
vampire diaries!
Christian Louboutin's
Netflix on my xbox!
My xbox 360
My subscription to Cosmo Magazine
Twilight Series
Forever 21 :)
H&M :):)
My live,love,laugh necklace
Best Movie EVER!!!!
sunflowers <3
Interior Design
You Tube tutorials
The love of my life <333
Christmas Time!!!!
concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you cant do.  (NEW YORK)
OH, Mr. Darcy!
 Well that raps it up for this 20 things. :) continuing to watch vampire diaries! goodniiiiiteeee! <3

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