Saturday, December 4, 2010


I feel so horrible for not blogging lately I almost feel like it has become a part of my day to day chore that I simply forget and feel bad for not doing. :( I have been dealing with so many issues right now that blogging has taken a back seat to my buys life. As everyone knows the holidays are coming up and by golly George I have been a busy bee. Work is INSANE and so is the personal life. :( but no fear because blogging for me is back no more skipping for weeks. I am still having health issues but that wont stop me! I need to do 3 weeks of my 100 things and let you guys still in on what I have bought recently!!! :) I will leave you with this awesome website that my best friend txt me tonight telling me I just "had to check this website out"!!!------>>> Check it out sooo funny I laughed myself silly! It always happens on my iPhone so I know exactly how it feels. I will also leave you with another item on my wish list!!! :)
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a vanity for my room. It would be an amazing place to do hair make up and just a cute corner to any room! I was looking through this amazing website ----->>> and i fell in love with a lot of there designs. :) ADORABLE STUFF!


-love the girl neglecting her blog! :)

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