Sunday, January 30, 2011

Todays a new day!

Hello! I had to break away from eating to write this blog. Now that my health issues are a thing of the past It seems like I am devouring everything in site! haha Sooo solution to this obsessive eating is....
 Ohhhh my gosh! Sooo much fun! My best friend txt me one night that she was having a blast playing and typically anything she enjoys I enjoy so I ran out and got it for my self and I loved it! I personally get a work out from it. Me and my family played it for 2 hours and I was sweating my buns off. It wont be as affective as making it to the gym but It wouldn't hurt one night to give your self a break from the gym and dance your shoes off! :) fun easy way to get your butt in shape! :) I was reading an article in shape magazine where a women lost a punch of weight by just using her WII! how amazing is that. :) So I am going to be hitting the gym and my WII from now on!

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