Thursday, March 1, 2012


I have ABSOLUTELY neglected this. I'm not to sure who comes across this page, or who takes the time to read it but if you do THANK YOU. Honestly I talk from personal experiences and personal likes, dislikes, wants and needs. If in any way its not what you consider interesting or cool....then alll means click that back button. :) BUT for those of you who stay and enjoy my random outbursts and sometimes lacking posts, lets venture on to what has been going on in my life recently. I work alllll the time, spend most my evenings in the comfort of my room txting the ones closest to me. On a night out its usually my best guy friends(6 guys) who are alllllll very close and my girlfriends(2) who are the only girls I cant live without. We usually find ourselves out at our local bar, where strangely enough they really do KNOW OUR NAMES! hahah (cheers reference....sorrrrrry if you don't understand). Other than that I'm spending the time the way I want it. Video games, Reading, Shopping, Hiking, and any out door activity is reallly what I am enjoying. I'm casually dating, nothing to serious...after getting out of my nine year relationship I wanna do my own thing and experience time alone. I truly feel that unless you spend some time alone and find yourself then you'll never be happy in a relationship with someone else. Things seem to be moving along here its already March and its already been a very busy year. Hopefully more eventful things to come!

Remember.....NOTHING is a mistake because it leads you to exactly where you are today. An there is a reason you are here.

-Yours truly

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